The E3 mission is simple

We aim to make a positive financial impact for your company by increasing employee engagement levels with our benefits management outsourcing.

How E3 Came to Be

E3 Outsource is a US-based business that staffs a fully trained and educated call-center to handle our clients’ HR needs for their workforce.

In 2014 a large client we were working with in another capacity had a glaring problem with employee engagement, turnover rate, productivity, and morale. They asked if we could help.

The solution became the foundation for what E3 delivers to this day for our clients across the country. We leveraged our current call center and brought in educated and trained Benefits Coaches to work one-on-one with their employees. We created a dedicated phone and email support line that was branded specifically for this company. Employees could now call or email using the info provided on all internal documentation and a friendly and helpful coach would answer as that company and be able to help answer their questions.

This model has proven to be extremely successful and cost effective (costing less than hiring a full time HR rep) and our clients have seen a tremendous increase in results. We would love to share those results with you and help you implement them into your business today!

If you would like to receive more information about E3 services and why these solutions will work for your business, request an info packet here.