We handle the tactical functions of benefits management so that you can focus on the strategic.

Benefits Management Outsourcing with flexibility and scalability

We leverage a variety of technology and service options to implement positive changes to a company’s delivery of benefits.

Our unique brand of Benefits Management includes all ongoing daily value added services as well as advanced advocacy. This is a standalone service that does not require you to purchase any product or software license. We can work with any Benefits Administration system, products, or broker.

Employee Waived Benefits Outreach

It is important that employees understand benefits before they make a decision to enroll or waive. E3 offers the service of having benefit coaches contact employees that waive benefits in an attempt to make sure that they understand the benefits package that is offered. This helps maintain plan participation levels as well as make sure that employees are maximizing their benefits packages.

Evidence of Insurability

E3 Benefits Coaches will assist in gathering Evidence of Insurability (EOI) when required. They will provide forms, assist with questions, and assist with submissions.


E3 is built around a robust technology platform that offers us the ability to expand beyond the standard call center services.  We utilize a best-in-class communications platform to automate and facilitate communications of behalf of our clients to their employees. We will tailor our communication strategy to meet your needs and offer a wide range of communications services. These custom communications can be pre-scheduled and electronically delivered per the clients requested timeline.

  • Custom designed communication pieces to support Open Enrollment and Monthly New Hire enrollments
  • Custom materials to support corporate initiatives (such as wellness, tobacco cessation, etc)
  • Recorded webinar of benefits presentation for open enrollment
  • Open enrollment outreach and materials distribution
  • New Hire outreach and materials distribution
  • The capability to offer pre-scheduled appointments with an E3 benefits coach

Communications metrics such as how many email communications were delivered, how many opened, how many recipients clicked on any links or viewed materials.

Daily Tactical

We have developed an effective, cost effective solution to help solve the riddle of improving employee engagement. We have found that after compensation and job recognition, the employee benefits program is a top priority for employees in all industries. For less than the cost of hiring and training additional HR personnel E3 will provide your company with a dedicated team of trained call-center based “benefit coaches” located right here in the US. This team will become an extension of your HR department not only during annual open enrollment, but also throughout the year.  This custom, personalized service will help your employees better understand the benefits you are providing them as well as teach them to become their own best advocates in terms of their personal healthcare goals.

Value Added Services

  • Employee waived benefits outreach
  • Claims triage
  • Evidence of Insurability
  • ID Card issues
  • Dependent verification
  • Network questions
  • Qualifying Life Events
  • Ongoing services
  • Court ordered benefits

If you would like to receive more information about E3 services and why these solutions will work for your business, request an info packet here.